Data Hygiene
  Clean data is
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Clients receive the benefits of geo-targeting and extensive data cleansing and modeling to maximize advertising campaigns. Through the development of campaign monitoring and tracking solutions, ANS provides clients with greater knowledge and metrics of their advertising efforts.


Data Hygiene

List Maintenance
Have you ever heard the term “your existing customer base is your biggest goldmine?” Even if you do not rent your list to other companies, you still need to keep your list in shape. In order for your in-house promotions to generate response, the deliverability of your list must be top priority. Many companies have difficulty in this area. They have done a great job gathering the customer data, but marketing to them effectively after their initial purchase can be a challenge.

How We Can Help
Our preferred 3rd party vendor, West Coast Data Services, provides all data processing services for us. They are a full-service data processing center, processing over 100 million Domestic and International records on a monthly basis. Using advanced technology, West Coast Data Services has the capability to custom-tailor data processing solutions to fit your needs.

West Coast Data Services offers a variety of services including:

  • Database Consulting
  • International Data
  • List Fulfillment
  • List Brokerage Processing
  • Keycoding
  • File Enhancements (gender, age, income, etc.)
  • Data Appension
  • Data Conversion
  • Pander Supression
  • List Standardization
  • NCOA(National Change of Address) & CASS Certification
  • Data Merge/Purge

To visit West Coast Data Services website, go to For more information contact:


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