Epicuren Signature Manicure
45 min.
A warm bath soothes your hands and prepares them for a relaxing massage. Your nails are shaped, buffed, and polished to perfection.

Spa Gold Standard Manicure
45 min.
We begin with hands bathing in a warm herbal bath and a hand applied Microdermabrasion treatment. Next, a B5 hydrating mask is applied as your hands are wrapped in hot towels followed by a relaxing massage with a Papaya Pineapple Enzyme Treatment. We finish with a classic manicure.

Spa Pedicure
45 min.
A “facial” for your lower legs and feet. This luxurious treatment begins with a therapeutic natural sea salt footbath, followed by a vigorous scrub. Enjoy a relaxing massage from the top of the knee to the tip of the toe, complete with a Papaya Pineapple Enzyme application.

Our Gold Standard Micro-Infused Pedicure
60 min.
Magnesium oxide crystals, Dead Sea salt and granulated sugar cane combined with a “Hydra Shield” formula creates a full bodied, hand applied Microdermabrasion treatment that will exfoliate and intensely moisturize the skin for up to five days. Next, a hydrating mask with hot towels, finished with Glycolic Peppermint Cream designed to give extraordinary stimulation, creating a natural cooling effect and promoting cellular healing.

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